Why choose Reiki?

Have you ever just wanted to switch off, disconnect from all that head talk, and become completely clear in the moment?

A Reiki session offers complete and total relaxation for the mind body and soul!

The true purpose of Reiki is to correct and align the heart and mind, keep the body fit, release energy blocks both physical and emotional, promote self confidence, support the body’s natural ability to heal itself allowing you to lead a happy healthy balanced life.”

Reiki is a very gentle Japanese technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation. By the laying of hands on the body the Reiki energy promotes health and healing through the stimulation and flow of Qi or life force energy throughout your body.

Reiki pronounced RAY KEY is made up of two Japanese words “Rei” meaning Universal and “Ki” meaning Life Force Energy. Reiki was developed in the 1920’s by a Japanese Buddhist by the name of Mikao Usui. Since then it has been adapted across many cultural traditions becoming what it is today.

The 5 Reiki Principles

Recite the 5 principles morning and evening, and keep them in one’s heart.
Today, throughout the entire day:
  1. Do not become angry
  2. Worry about nothing
  3. Express one’s gratitude
  4. Be diligent in work
  5. Be kind to others

“Excerpt from the translation on a monument to Mikao Usui at the Seihoji Temple in Tokyo.”