Anxiety… just in your head or throughout your entire body?

I love this image by Kelly @kellytdixon illustrating how anxiety can be felt throughout our body. I’ve often heard people say anxiety isn’t real, get over it, it’s just in your head. That may well be true, for anxiety can start with a simple thought and before you know it, it’s completely taken over your mind. These simple thoughts can change and distort to the point your whole body can become affected and often your ability to function in your day to day environment.

Then you have the other kind of anxiety, you feel everything in your body intensely but don’t understand why, you know there is no reason to feel this way but you do anyway. The stress alone from these feelings can exaggerate your anxiety, your heart races, your tummy churns, your head is foggy and dizzy, it feels like electrical currents are running through your hands and feet, you can’t concentrate any more, you can even begin to believe there is something seriously wrong with your physical health. Yes, anxiety is very real. Especially to the person who feels this way.

One of the first steps to working through and releasing your anxiety is acknowledging it’s there. Whether it’s in your mind or your body or both, anxiety feels very real so when you acknowledge your anxiety you then begin to take back your power, in taking back your power creates action, yes acknowledging anxiety means you can do something about it, reclaiming your strength from within and getting back to enjoying life as you know you can.

Are You Ready to Restore YOUR Life’s Natural Balance?

If you’d like more information on how Holistic kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine can help manage anxiety, I’m here to help.

Take care,

Deborah x