“There comes a time in everybody’s life to look in the mirror and see its time to step up and change. We all make choices and the best one I ever took was to see my kinesiologist Deborah Sweeney. After losing my father at the age of 85 and having been his carer for over 10years it was now my time to take control of my mind, body and spirit and move forward not forgetting the past that resulted in the person I was before asking for help and guidance from Deborah. After a few sessions she suggested to take walks on the beach so I did and around New Years I started a resolution to change the stranger I saw in the mirror staring back at me, I stopped weighing myself when I was 105kg but I started to leave it on the beach and every time I walked I collected larger and larger boulders stacking them at the basin in Mona vale. I have built it over the past six months seeing Deborah in that time and I can honestly say she has been the turning point in my new life I now look in the mirror and have lost the stranger and over 25kg. I leave the rock pile as a reminder of all that weight I lost not just the physical but also the mental, I still see Deborah and she has shown me the way to the future I will create.  Cheers Deborah you have found your calling and thank you for helping me find mine.”



Deborah is incredible at what she does and has helped me unlock various things that were holding me back.

She has become a core part of my self care. She is incredibly intuitive, has helped me transform my own beliefs and helped me through some very challenging periods.

She will continue to be a ongoing support for me and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Rhody Burton

“Seeing Deborah Sweeney is nothing short of magical. Not only does she have a wealth of experience, she also is the kindest, most gentle Kinesiologist and has a true gift in guiding you towards the areas that need looking into. I’ve been nothing short of amazed by the impact my sessions with Deborah have had on me and I can highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking a more holistic approach to understanding their mind, body and spirit.”

Caecilla Raeder

Sales Manager

”Thank you for all of your guidance and support throughout my journey. You have completely changed my life and I feel confident, happy and like myself again. Below is my testimonial for you to use: I look forward to catching up after our little bundle of joy is born.

I was recommended to Deborah to help assist with any blockages I had in regard to falling pregnant. After 6 years of trying to fall pregnant, surgeries and a number of failed IVF cycles and transfers including the loss of a baby at 13 weeks I was broken. Deborah worked on releasing my ‘control’ with so many other things that came up in our sessions. I have learnt so much about myself through Deborah’s sessions, I have more confidence in my decisions and feel like my happy self again. And my husband and I are expecting our first baby in a few weeks after falling pregnant naturally. I would thoroughly recommend Deborah, she has changed my life!” 



“Before working with Deborah I felt at a cross road in my life. I was unsure of my career path and was driven by a sense of control and seeking validation from my external world.

From the moment I first met Deborah I felt a sense of calmness and ease wash over me. The space she creates is full of love and openness. I was supported to uncover self-limiting beliefs and clear energy blocks, allowing me to move forward with grace and assurance.

The entire experience was transformative and I highly recommend Deborah and her powerful work.”

Pip Honour

Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

”After losing my beautiful mother to cancer in Nov 18 my life changed forever, I spiralled into a deep sadness and grief, anxiety attacks triggered by what seemed to be nothing became a thing in my life and I simply struggled to get through each working day. I was a nervous emotional wreck and I knew things had to change.  I had been advised by a couple of work colleagues to give Kinesiology a try, I did very little research apart from “finding one near me” which is how I was lead to Deborah.  I called one evening on my home journey, crying hardly able to speak, but the warmth and connection I felt with Deborah immediately was very comforting she is a truly kind and caring person.  Her demeanour and beautiful nature made my first appointment extremely warm and easy, I had no idea what to expect and I can honestly say I was captivated, the knowledge she could gain from my body through her techniques was amazing, her corrections and natural treatments to get me back in balance have been life changing. I have connected so well with Deborah and Kinesiology that I have left my corporate career after 19 years and am in the process of becoming a practitioner myself so I can help share this amazing experience with so many others.    Marni xx”

Amanda Howes


“Deborah’s impact on my life has been extraordinary! I have been having regular kinesiology sessions once a month and I am a different person from when I first began! Deborah gets to the core issue, although it may not be anything you are consciously  aware of. Her warm caring nature makes her treatments attentive, empathetic and very holistic as she individualises your treatment specifically just for you, through the use of other modalities in her kinesiology treatment. Not only has my life been running smoother my whole posture has changed, I am now standing up straighter for the first time in over 20 years. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone who wants to live a full, balanced life.”



“I have had the pleasure of working with Deborah over the past year to bring balance into all areas of my life. Deborah uses her skills to create a nurturing environment that encourages healing in mind, body and spirit. Every visit has left a lasting impression on me, I always walk away feeling clearer and brighter with a newly replenished sense of confidence. I believe that Deborah can facilitate positive change for anyone who may be experiencing any type of disharmony in their lives. Holistic Kinesiology has changed my life forever. Thank you.”


Marketing Manager

“I have had an amazing kinesiology session with deb. I am 29 weeks pregnant and she has managed to get rid of my sciatica, feel more relaxed and lighter. Highly recommend her for any treatment. She is such a gentle natured woman that makes you feel calm and safe the minute you meet her xx


Beauty Therapist

“I cannot praise Deborah enough for the work she has done with me over the past 2 years and how much my life has changed for the better. With Deborah’s help I have overcome the grief of losing my mother and best friend in the same year. My self-confidence and fitness have increased and I no longer suffer from lower back pain, which I’ve carried with me from a childhood injury. Deborah’s enthusiasm towards her work shines through and I was made to feel at ease in comfortable surroundings. Thank you Deborah.”



“I have seen Deborah several times this year, and every time I see her the whole massage experience is amazing. She is able to understand immediately what my body needs to nurture it back to perfect health, while also offering comfort and support to my mind and soul. I find her massage style the perfect remedy in eliminating all my aches and pains. Thank you Deborah.


Stay at home mum

“Deborah’s work is amazing. We’ve been working on my confidence and I feel more positive after each session, I would highly recommend her to anyone I know : ).”


Administration Officer

“Amazing Lomi Lomi massage. Really helped me to destress and relax and was much needed. Have been to Deb a couple of times and her treatment is excellent. I felt very nurtured and taken care of. Thanks Deb!”



“Amazing, life-changing, absolutely worth every penny. If you’re feeling stuck, anxious or just not quite right, try Kinesiology with Deborah. You’ll learn so much about yourself and walk away feeling light, loved and on the right path.”



“Such a great introduction to kinesiology techniques. Deborah and Karlie have such a great way of teaching and explaining with a wealth of knowledge. I’m feeling very inspired and empowered. Thank you.


Finding Balance Within Workshop Attendee

“A great workshop to build your awareness of the mind body connections and how your thoughts and beliefs impact every aspect of your life. Good tips to use in your daily life. Thank you.”


Finding Balance Within Workshop Attendee

“Sincere thanks Deborah for helping me through a troubled period in my life, i always left uplifted and re focussed. Kinesiology has proven beneficial for me rediscovering myself and would highly recommend you to my friends.”