There comes a time in everybody’s life to look in the mirror and see its time to step up and change. We all make choices and the best one I ever took was to see my kinesiologist Deborah Sweeney. After losing my father at the age of 85 and having been his carer for over 10years it was now my time to take control of my mind, body and spirit and move forward not forgetting the past that resulted in the person I was before asking for help and guidance from Deborah. After a few sessions she suggested to take walks on the beach so I did and around New Years I started a resolution to change the stranger I saw in the mirror staring back at me, I stopped weighing myself when I was 105kg but I started to leave it on the beach and every time I walked I collected larger and larger boulders stacking them at the basin in Mona vale. I have built it over the past six month seeing Deborah in that time and I can honestly say she has been the turning point in my new life I now look in the mirror and have lost the stranger and over 25kg. I leave the rock pile as a reminder of all that weight I lost not just the physical but also the mental, I still see Deborah and she has shown me the way to the future I will create. Cheers Deborah you have found your calling and thank you for helping me find mine.


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