I was 7 my sister was 5.

I woke to a beautiful day, the sun was shining the Singapore air was hot and it was the start of my school holidays, what more could a 7 year old want. We couldn’t wait to get outside and play.

My school had recently changed our uniform design, so my mother being the creative type decided to alter our dresses into play clothes – my sister and I had a new checkered halter neck dress (it was the 70’s) with a soft pink butterfly and our initial sewn onto the front of our old school uniforms. D for Deborah and J for Joanne. We just thought they were the best.

So off we went outside to play. I can’t speak for my sister but I felt amazing and I knew I looked amazing and loved the way I looked in my new dress thanks to my mother’s creativity. I didn’t realise it when I stepped out of the door but my confident feelings of self were going to be taken away and weren’t going to be returned for many years later. As we approached the neighbourhood kids, their sniggers and laughing grew louder – What’s the joke I wondered? Then it started, the teasing, the laughing was at our expense. They thought our dresses were a joke! Oh it couldn’t get any worse than this for a 7 year old, but it did. Their ridiculing was awful. Their words went something like this… “D for dumb Deborah and J for jealous Joanne” Jealous Joanne, jealous of dumb Deborah”.

Now this is just a memory from my past and they were just kids who didn’t really mean any harm.   I believe I’m not the only one with memories like this. How many of you have been teased in the playground or even had your friends say “You love yourself don’t you”. For me the automatic response was “NO WAY of course I don’t love myself that would be vain.” The thing is, why can’t we love ourselves, take pride in who we are – Love is good, it can make everything feel better.

So when I ask you: Do you LOVE yourself? How do you feel? What memories does this question trigger?

This is a question I often ask my clients with which I get varying responses.

For me it’s easy to say… I love my family, I love my friends, I love my work, I love this amazing world I live in… I could go on & on. But to say I love myself? Hmmm that has never been an easy thing to say at least not until the last few years. The memory of what happened as a 7 year old girl unconsciously shaped my perception of who I was but not who I am today.

Since discovering the power of kinesiology and bringing old forgotten memories to the surface has helped me to understand why I feel the way I do. Through kinesiology I now say and do things that I never before thought possible. Kinesiology has not only allowed me to break through my own barriers to achieve my goals, but most importantly it’s empowered me to put myself on the things I love list, to know who I am and to believe in myself.

I’ve put myself on the things I LOVE list.

Are you ready to put yourself on the things I love list?

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